Are you in school/college/university, need work experience or looking for a job?

Businesses/Freelancers: Are you looking for volunteers, apprentices, part or full time staff?

O.N.E Movement's Recruitment Drive is the event for YOU

Our recruitment drive is to connect any enterprise that is hiring full/part time staff, offering apprenticeships, traingings or courses, with people who are looking for work and others looking for exerience opportunities.

2 days of education, inspiration and recruitment for young people and jobseekers from ages 14-40 & above

This event course is to provide the realistic solution and assistance to your Education to Career path 

DAY 1: Workshops

CV writing // Business plan writing // Education structure // GCSE/A Level/University options // Career brainstorms // Interview technique and tips // Speeches and Q & A discussion

DAY 2: Recruitment Job Fair


As an ATTENDANT, this is a great opportunity for you to gain knowledge from others' experiences, education and career paths. As well as getting to know other like minded individuals 

If you are RECRUITING: You could be a business, community organisation, youth programme, freelancer; you will get the opprotunity to speak to the attendants on DAY 1 to introduce your enterprise and what you do before interviewing those chosen on DAY 2

Eliminating the ambiguity of emailing CVs or not being able to find the right candidate for the role you have available.

O.N.E Movement's Recruitment Drive is the solution to this problem.

#Connecting Excellence