The journey of pa-tempta


The journey of pa-tempta


Book Title: The journey of pa-tempta

Subtitle: The supreme and collective consciousness of the True-SELF

Author: Paul Simons aka Nebu Ka Ma’at

Pages: 312

ISBN: 978-1-908552-73-0

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Some of the Benefits of Reading this Book:

  • Raises Mental Awareness through Sound-Right-Reason
  • Contemplation Meditation Exercises for soul-healing
  • Explains the Nature-Science of Origination & Evolution
  • Makes clear the origins of All Peoples, Cultures and Nations
  • Defines the four major ethereal-philosophies
  • Sets the Record straight on world history
  • Discusses the unity of Space-Matter-Time continuum
  • Emphasizes the Power of Mental-Concentration
  • Rites of Passage for Materializing one’s objectives 
  • and more…