This event accommodates  bookings from product or service providers, food vendors and performers/artists


All exhibitors at our events represent O.N.E Movement and must do so in positive manner.

Kindly read the following requirements to see if you are eligible for a stall booking:

  • All exhibitors must have a legitimate products/services  (no counterfeit products)

  • All exhibitors must have submitted and secured their booking space within a week of their application

  • All exhibitors must adhere to the instructions for the day. If not, this will be followed up accordingly

  • All business exhibitors (and assistants) should have a recognisable uniform code for their business. Also nothing of a provocative nature should be worn or promoted. We want everyone to exude an elegant confidence.

  • Food products/beverages/beauty/hair products must provide a product ingredient list and must have a visible one on the day due to health and safety reasons

  • Due to the agreement with the venue; no exhibitors should sell any of the following products as they will be available by the venues bar: Coke, Ginger Beer, Orange/Apple Juice, San Pellegrino Lemonade, Tonic Water and Fizzy Water

CLICK HERE for our Terms & Conditions document.


  1. Meet the requirements detailed

  2. Fill in the form below (all sections. Remember to state what and how you want to exhibit)

  3. Purchase your stall reservation

  4. Download our Terms & Conditions document for your perusal and consent.



  1. Standard Stall purchase:  Table & Seating at your stall in the event, Social media stall promotions

  2. Premium Stall purchase:  Table & Seating at your stall in the event, Social media stall promotions, Photography op at the event; these images will be used in a further website & socail media features for 6 months, Event pamphlet insert with business information


If you meet the requirements specified above, kindly fill in the form below:

Name *
Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIn/Pinterest/Google etc
Contintent, City, Specific Area
What items would you like to exhibit at the launch. Please include an ingredients list if required
You are permitted to have one assistant attend with you.
We ask that all exhibitors contribute by promoting the event on their platforms, networks and social media. The flyer is availble to download, however, if you would like printed out flyers to place in a shop space etc, kindly specify below *
The CONNECTA CARD is a discount loyalty card from O.N.E Movement to encourage continuous spending with independent enterprises. Please state the special discount or offer you would be offering owners of this card.