Business services

Consultations / Advertising / Marketing and more

The vision of O.N.E Movement is to earn and give support to one another as we collectively establish our places in our societies.

O.N.E Movement is dedicated to strengthening each enterprise by broadening their audience and improving clientele and networks.

We cater to various schools of people both online and offline; entrepreneurs, business owners, freelance workers, professionals, young people, community workers as well as the unemployed.

To enhance your growth, we provide business consultation services for whatever stage of business you may be at. 

Whether you have an idea, a business, a freelance enterprise, we aid you in building your idea/enterprise and raise its level of excellence.

We listen to your needs, tailor a solutions process that will benefit you and your enterprise in the best ways possible, AND provide you with active ways in which to implement the advice we give you.

This, as well as providing advertising and marketing advice for your brand/business. Hereby improving your network, generating more interest in your service, reach a wider audience, provoke conversation, create awareness about your brand and most importantly, increase sales.

On booking your consultation, you will receive a 45 minute consultation via your choice of phone call or Skype. If you have a business premises, you will have the option of being visited by O.N.E Movement's founder and having your consultation at your location.